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How to play Playstation 2 Games on PC

How to Play Playstation 2 Games on PC:

1.First of all,you need to download the emulator that is PCSX2. You can download it by clicking here(CLICK HERE).
2.After downloading install it and you will see the screen like this.Now you can check or uncheck the directx web setup if you want as it takes too much time to download it from the net. You can download it from the net manually.

3.Now download the bios for the emulator,you can download them by clicking here(CLICK HERE).
4.Now go to your documents there you will find a folder with name PCSX2.
5.Rename the PCSX2 folder to PCSX2 0.9.8 (Or something else, it actually doesn’t matter).

6.Create a new folder in My Documents called ‘PCSX2′, this is where you will store the PCSX2 files and BIOS.Now move the BIOS which you have download to the folder named PCSX2.
7.Now move the folder PCSX2 to PCSX2 0.9.8  and you should have like this.

8.Now start the program and you will find a window like this,now select the plugins.
  • GS-Gsdx 4600
  • PAD(configuration of keyboard or joystick)-lilypad svn
  • SPU2(sound)-spu2-x r4600m
  • CDVD(How you gonna run the game)-Linuz iso cdvd
  • USB-usb null driver 0.7.0
  • FW-fwnull driver 0.7.0
  • DEV9-dev9 null driver 0.5.0

You can choose the plugins depending upon your system performance or you can live the settings as it is.
9.Now,select the bios path(in this i have used C:UsersCHINNUDocumentsPCSX2 0.9.8PCSX2bios) as shown below.You can choose any console i have choosen USA V1.60 as console.

10.After doing it,press finish.Now you will see the starting window of PCSX2.

11.You can change the plugins and bios by clicking on config>plugin/bios selector and you can change them.
12.Now you have to configure the controllers in order to play with keyboard and mouse in order to do this go config>controller(pad)>plugin settings.
now go in to the pad 1 and select your contols.If you are using any consoles like xbox 360 or ps3 controller you will get the controls automatically when you connect it to your pc.

Configuring keyboard settings or game pad settings:

  • Click on config and then on controllers and plugin settings.
  • Now click on pad1 and you are gonna see many buttons on right side.In order to configure click on that button and then click on the respective button on the keyboard.
  • In order to play you need to configure Triangle , Square , Cross , Circle , L1 ,L2,D-pad,Select and Start.

13.Now in order to start the game,click on CDVD>iso selector>browse
now browse for the game which is an iso file and click ok.

14.Now click on system and then on boot cdvd(full) and play the game . That’s it friends now enjoy the PS2 games on PC.

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