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8 YouTube Tricks That Were Hidden From You

Do you want to trick your YouTube account? Are you heading to explore something new from your YouTube account? If Yes, then I have got top 8 YouTube Tricks for you which were hidden from you and you are not aware of them yet.

YouTube is one of the best video streaming sites in the world. It is famous for both personal and professional use. That means that almost kind of people use this awesome site for viewing their favorite clips. It is famous due to its awesome compatibility and user-friendly interface.
However, there are users who get fed up with using the same feature of any service as users do want to experience something new with each service which they are using, same in case with YouTube. You probably get surprised that there many things which are yet hidden from you about YouTube.
And, I am going to disclose those tricks for you which will help you to explore something new about your YouTube. You may get to the tricks to know more about them.

8 YouTube Tricks – Starts Here!

So, here are the 8 YouTube Tricks which you should follow to know something new about YouTube. Now without taking your more time, I would request you to get towards the below piece of writing to get YouTube tips and tricks.

1- View Videos with Different Angles

This is really awesome specially for those who watch concerts and live matches on YouTube. You always wish to view your favorite concert or match in different angles by sitting in your room.
Earlier it was not possible as you can enjoy the multi-angle view by watching the match or concert live but now with the help of this YouTube trick, you can actually view your favorite videos with different angles. You’ll be using Multi-Camera feature of YouTube for this which is going to be live for users in coming few days.
You need to follow these steps for viewing videos with different angles;
Go to YouTube >> Your Favorite Channel whose videos you want to view in multiple angles >> Choose Your View (It will be along with top menus) >> Now select your favorite or desired Angle.
Choose your view

2- Add Related Videos within Videos – Use Cards!

The Cards is another awesome feature of YouTube which let you add cards in your videos and then interlink them with other external videos or sites. This feature is mater of interest for channels’ admin.
If you have a YouTube channel and you want to link your related videos with your new one and that too within your video then you must go for this feature. You need to follow these steps for that.
First of all, Sign in to your YouTube account >> Select video which is already uploaded in which you want to add that cards >> After that, Click on Cards button under your video >> Now choose your favorite card and then place it for your video.
YouTube Cards
Note: Only Trusted and Complete Non-Copyrighted Channels will have this feature.

3- Watch YouTube on your TV – YouTube TV

This is another awesome YouTube feature which must be hidden from many of you. I know that there must be many users who’d like to experience YouTube on their Big Screens. So, you can now actually do that by going for YouTube TV mode.
Ones you have headed to the YouTube TV mode then you need to control your videos using keyboard as mouse will not be working then.
Follow these simple steps for that;
Go to YouTube TV on your Smartphone >> Connect Your Smartphone with your TV >>Enjoy

4- Add Watermark or Logo to your Videos

A feeling of ownership is very much important in this online world and everyone must possess this feeling of ownership in order to own what belongs to you. Videos can be easily theft unless you don’t put your mark onto it.
The best way to stop or resist that theft is by adding watermark or logo to your videos. Ones you have added the watermark or logo to your images then viewers will come to know that that particular video belongs to you. And, it is also good for branding. Actually, it is a sign of professionalism.
So, if you want to add watermark or logo to your videos then follow these steps;
Sign in to your YouTube account >> Click on Creator Studio Button >> Channel >> Branding >> Add a Watermark >> File Button >> Save it >> Update >> Additionally, set the display time that how long it should be shown on your video.

5- Give Subtitles or Captions to Others Videos

This is another hidden trick of YouTube. There are some developers who allow their viewers to give subtitles or captions to their videos. You may give subtitles to other videos to make it understandable for other region people. It would be like self-contribution to someones else videos.
So, if you are interested to give subtitles or captions to others videos, then follow these steps;
Play any video >> Click on More button under it >> Transcript >> Language >> Add Subtitles/CC.

6- Add Audio Effects

The audios are really important for any video to make it sound good for the viewers. And, YouTube helps you out to make it really awesome for your viewers.
This trick will replace the current audio of your video with the new uploaded one. If you are not very much satisfied with current audio of your video then you must put some effects into it and for that you may follow these steps;
First of all, Sign in to your YouTube Account >> Go to an uploaded video >> Audio >> Then choose different tracks from right of the menu.
Audio Effects on YouTube

7- Add Video Effects

Just like audio effects, YouTube allows you to add the Video effects, filter and fixes as well. These effects can help you to make your uploaded video more qualitative and awesome for the viewers.
It will simply makes your video look professional and stable for the viewers. So, if you want to make your video more enhanced then follow these steps;
First of all, Sign in to your YouTube Account >>  Enhancements >> Now here you can add filters, effects and fixes to your videos to make it look awesome for your viewers.
Video Effects, How to

8- Get A GIF image from YouTube Video

This seem interesting to many of you that you can actually get a GIF images from YouTube videos. However, it will only turn a specific portion of video into GIF,
Ones you have applied this trick then it will get you a GIF image of that video which is really awesome, isn’t it? So, if you want to get a GIF image from YouTube videos then you need follow these simple steps;
First of all, Play any video whose GIF image you want >> Then in the address bar type, gif before YouTube, it would look something like that; www. Then you’ll have another service where you can arrange your GIF according to your wish.


So, this was our guide which you may follow to know about YouTube more. If you have any questions or confusions left related to this article then end your queries in the comment box. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.
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